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Presenting to the group, how to get it going in Zoom
schedule is up-to-date as of 4/22/2020. (Next tentative planning meeting around July 1, 2020)

Date Planned Topic
May 27, 2020George Burnell Part II
Continuation/conclusion of George Burnell's earlier presentation on 3D printing
June 3, 2020The Manhattan Project - part 2 (Charles Holbrow)
June 10, 2020Security Topics NY Times article dealing with privacy (Peter)
Phone tracking of people (Charlie Holbrow)
June 17, 2020Sabermetrics An approach to understanding Baseball (Andy Andres, by way of Jerry Slate)
June 24, 2020MOOC Massive Online Courses – What's new
July 1, 2020AI and Job Loss (Yumio agreed to do this)(George Burnell and John Rudy to fup; may end as 1 or 2 sessions)
July 8, 2020Update on the Internet of Things in the Age of Coronavirus (Bob Primak)
July 15, 2020Potpourri Tips for Using Zoom (Peter, SteveI)
Onboard automotive diagnostics (Bill Quinn)
Right to Repair - who has the right to repair your car; vendor lockout (speaker TBD)
last part of Bob Melanson's Columbus presentation started on 4/29
July 22, 2020Weldon Nelson has suggested the following: a 2000 year old computer. I watched this 46-minute presentation and found it fascinating link.
Presentations with other lengths show up on my Google search for “secrets of the lost Antikythera”. (Jonathan Goode)
July 29, 2020Frontline AI part 1 (AI for the Masses)
August 5, 2020Advanced features of Excel and Word (Speaker TBD)
August 12, 2020Frontline AI part 2 (see 7/29 for part 1)
August 19, 2020Selected videos (Peter)
August 26, 2020Potpourri Old tech: Reuse, Recycle, Renew. Ideas for reusing/repurposing computers, tablets, phones you're not actively using any more
* home theater, camera monitor, media player
* Recycling (Best Buy? Staples?)
* Linux
Sept 2, 2020Best of Freakonomics (Peter Albin has link to 70min video)
Sept 9, 2020
Sept 16, 2020
Sept 23, 2020
Sept 30, 2020Covid-19 Update (hopefully post-mortem) (Jerry Slate) (tentative)
Oct 7, 2020

“fup” = “Follow-up”

In The Works/Presentation Topics Being Considered

  • Scams, spyware, freeware. Spotting/detecting them and avoiding them. (idea)
  • How Deepfakes Work (10 mins; viewed, edited)
  • Blind Bombing by Norman Fine. Fine is native of Newton MA and would be receptive to giving a presentation. [Larry Freier]
    “I found this book spellbinding and with insight into the development of a new and advanced secret radar system that permitted the allies to penetrate through inclement weather and enable the allies to reverse the dominance of the Nazis at the onset of WWII. Blind Bombing has a warm sensitive side, in that Norman Fine’s uncle (Stanley) brought the first production model of the new airborne radar system to Europe permitting allied bombers to destroy factories supplying the German forces that were usually obscured by overcast weather”
  • History relating to Rubber
  • Florence Nightingale contributions to science
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