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LibreOffice Annoyances

Maybe not annoyances but ways of getting things done.


Replace dates with incremented year

Your spreadsheet has a column with dates, say B7 has 1/2/2019 and you want to replace the dates in the rest of the column with the next year, e.g., 2020.

  1. Insert new column to right of dates column (new and blank column C)
  2. Apply this formula in new column C next to the first date you want to change. Say column B row 7 has 1/2/2019. Put this formula in column C row 7:
  3. Select the cell C7 and drag down to select all rows in column C that you want to replace column B's dates
  4. Control-D (pastes the formula down the column). You should see the updated dates in column C.
  5. Select all of the column C cells you have changed, and copy to clipboard
  6. Put cursor in first date you want to change, that is, in cell B7
  7. Edit > Paste Special > Paste Special. Make sure All is not checked and Formula is not checked. Paste. OK the overwrite.
  8. You can delete column C.

Give a Cell a Name and Use It Elsewhere

Suppose you have a budget and on one part of the sheet you have areas for each of the 12 months where you record and total each month's credit card payments. On another part of the sheet you have a check register; that's where you want to put the total for each month's credit card payments. You also want to be able to move the credit card payment area around without affecting the check register.

The solution is: give names to the 12 cells holding the month's totals and reference these in the check register. (There may be other solutions but this is what I'm using.)

  1. Give names to the 12 monthly credit card totals
    1. Select a month's total (e.g., January)
    2. Upper left, see D23 or similar. Replace that with the name, e.g., CCjan
    3. Repeat for next month (e.g., CCfeb) etc.
  2. Go to and select a cell in the check register where you need to put a month's credit card total, e.g, January's credit card payment total
  3. Type: =CCjan and enter (you'll see options as you type the C C j)
  4. Repeat for the other months
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