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Selected OS X keyboard shortcuts

Common shortcuts

⌘-F, ⌘-GFind, find again
⇧⌘-5screenshot or screen recording
⇧⌘-6screen capture Touch Bar
Power buttonPress to sleep/wake; Long press to turn off Mac

Finder and System Shortcuts

⇧⌘-COpen Computer window
⇧⌘-FOpen Recents window
⇧⌘-HOpen my Home folder
⇧⌘-IOpen iCloud drive
⇧⌘-OOpen Docunents folder
⌥⌘-DShow/hide Dock
⌘-NOpen new Finder window
⌘-↑Open folder containing current folder
⌘-↓Open the selected item
⌘-deleteMove selected item to Trash
⌘-spaceInvoke Spotlight
⌘-tabOpen application switcher; keep ⌘ pressed use Tab to get to app you want to use
fn-fnLaunch Dictation, start speaking. Press fn when done.
⌘-`Move between open windows in currently active app.

Document Shortcuts

⌥-DeleteDelete word to left of insertion point
fn-↑Page up; scroll up one page
fn-↓Page down; scroll down one page
fn-←Home: scroll to beginning of document
fn-→End: scroll to end of document
⌘-↑Move insertion point beginning of doc
⌘-↓Move insertion point to end of document
⇧⌘-↑Select text between insertion point and beginning of the document
⇧⌘-↓Select text between insertion point and end of document
∧TSwap the character behind insertion point with character after it

Startup Key Combinations

⌥⌘-P-RReset NVRAM or PRAM
Start up in Safe mode
⌘-VStart up in Verbose mode, you can enter UNIX commands, to exit UNIX mode type command reboot


Command (or Cmd)
Option (or Alt)
Control (or Ctrl)
Caps Lock
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