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Secret Roku Codes

Digested from Tom's Guide 1/29/2024

Secret Wireless ScreenHome 5 times, Up Down Up Down UpWireless strength
Platform secret screenHome 5 times, Fast-Forward, Play/Pause, Rewind, Play/Pause, Fast-Forwardtemp, good info, leads to some other screens
Secret Network ScreenHome 5 times, Right Left Right Left Right
Restart your RokuHome 5 times, Up, Rewind, Rewind, Fast-Forward, Fast-Forward
Secret HDMI screenHome 5 times, Down Left Up Up UpHDMI info; Roku device must have HDMI else hangs and reboots
Secret Screen 2
Ads and Screenshots
Home 5 times, Up Right Down Left Upuseful? who knows
Channel InfoHome Home Home, Up Up, Left Right Left Right Leftuseful? who knows
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