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November 8, 2023 Meeting Abstract


Intersection of Trends, Markets, and Capabilities - Electronics Manufacturing Ecosystem
Presenter: Dr. Dan Gamota, VP Manufacturing, Global Operations, Jabil Corporation
November 8, 2023


The pace of innovation by members of the electronics manufacturing ecosystem is poised for accelerated growth. This growth will foster unparalleled advancements in wafers, components, modules, and systems as the ecosystem integrates foundational smart manufacturing building blocks, sustainability best practices, and uniquely skilled workforce personnel. Several trends are impacting the ecosystem as it experiences an increase in demand for the introduction of electronics that offer solutions to address challenges in communications & connectivity, transportation, healthcare, energy, education, etc. The demand is inspiring product designers to seek innovative designs, materials, and assembly processes to manufacture complex products such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for vehicles, optics for Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), photonics for quantum computing & high-speed communications, and on-body remote patient monitoring systems.

These products are manufactured at companies that offer a portfolio of capabilities typically seen at Semiconductor Back End Of Line (BEOL), Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT), and Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) services providers. In the last 5 years some companies have made investments in people, processes, and technologies to offer these capabilities thereby enabling them to move along the value chain and capture greater margins. Several organizations are supporting the growth by fostering collaboration to establish the guidelines, standards, and roadmaps – IEEE, NIST, SEMI, IPC, iNEMI, etc.

The electronics manufacturing ecosystem appears to be well positioned to offer product designers with unlimited access to realize their most exciting ideas by providing scalable materials, processes, and equipment to build Complex Integrated Systems.

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