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Sing to the tune "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover"

Stay away form the pack, Jack
Don't visit your Gran, Stan
Wipe down every toy, Roy
To keep virus free

Don't hop on the Bus, Gus
Don't obsess on CNN, Gwen
Don't hoard the TP, Lee
Stay virus free

Sneeze into your sleeve, Steve
Stop touching your face, Grace
Keep back six feet, Pete
Heed the CDC

Just use the Purell, Mel
Keep wipes in your purse, Nurse
Take care of your stock, Doc
You need the PPE

This isn't Spring Break, Jake
Stay home if you're sick, Dick
As COVID leaps, peeps
Just follow the rules, fools
And stay virus-free

(Based on a posting by C. Courtney and via L. Gumina)
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