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Getting There Without a Car

This information current as of October 16, 2018

Microsoft, Burlington.
5 Wayside Rd, Burlington MA 01803
Alewife, take 350 Burlington via Mall to S Bedford St @ Wayside, walk 4 mins to 5 Wayside. Return: pick up 350 from dropoff point back to Alewife.
MassBay Community CollegeT to Riverside, take MassBay shuttle to school. Return: take shuttle to Riverside.

Microsoft Bus Details, as of 12sept2018
See: for most current.
The 350 bus runs until 10:56pm.
Consider: outbound leave Alewife 5:20 or 5:40 (arrive Burlington before 6:30pm)
Consider: inbound leave Burlington approx 9:30pm (arrive Alewife just before 10pm)

MassBay Shuttle Details, as of 12sept2018
See: for most current.

Consider: outbound leave Riverside 6pm
Consider: inbound leave MasBay 9:30pm

Note, info for MassBay shuttle is not clear to me so a call is suggested.
Schedule info: MWRTA Customer service 508-935-2222
MassBay Shuttle questions: 781-239-2570

LYFT/UBER options

Alewife to Microsoft Burlingtonshared $21-24pool $23
Riverside to MassBayshared or personal $9-12pool $8
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