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The Boston Network Users Group

This is a temporary website until Wordpress site is repaired.

The Boston Network Users Group (BNUG) provides an educational and technical forum for anyone interested in computer networking, computer support, and related topics. Our free monthly meetings are opportunities to meet technical professionals, expand your knowledge, and get better at what you do or want to do. BNUG was founded in 1986 and has never charged member dues (nor do we plan to; we are grateful that some members are able to donate to support the group).

To receive meeting notices, sign up by sending a blank email to:
We won’t get upset if the email message isn’t entirely blank, we promise. The list is closely monitored, it’s for group announcements only.

Next General Membership Meeting - October 5, 2021 online, starting at 7:30pm Eastern Time
Topic: File Syncing using Syncback

Adam Frost will lead a discussion of Syncback, a remarkable and versatile program for syncing files. Time permitting, will also demonstrate using Dropbox (or other cloud-based file sharing system) to share KeePass password lists safely on multiple devices. Also time permitting, demonstrating Macrium backup with regular and virtual machines.

Next Board Meeting - October 19, 2021, 7:30pm online, using Zoom
Please join us and help us select upcoming meeting topics and deal with other group matters.

How To Get There?

How do you get to General Membership Meetings and Board Meetings? They're online. Here's the answer.

From your computerClick on: zoom link
From your smartphoneClick on: +19294362866,,4826453134#,,,,*712812#
Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 482 645 3134
Passcode: 712812 or bnug

upcoming meetings

Patience, techhopper. Topics and details will be posted in this area when we have them.
Meetings will be online until further notice (link to join, above)

October 5, 2021 7:30pm online, starting at 7:30pm File Syncing using Syncback
November 2, 2021 7:30pm online
Date may change as it's election day
Andy Syrewicze of Hornet Security will teach us about the world of virtual machines, including backing them up.

FYI, for those wanting a head start on trying out virtual machines on their computer, this site lists a number of free VM applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
December 7, 202135th Anniversary Meeting - BNUG has been around for 35 years! And still not charging anything to be a member.
Sam Ramirez, of Plan B Data Services,, will share his experiences in data recovery and forensic investigation.
January 4, 2022Dave McCormick of Alpha Software will help us learn about Alpha Software’s approach to helping companies manage their data. Read more at
February 1, 2022
March 1, 2022
April 5, 2022

BNUG has left Meetup as of August, 2021. To learn of upcoming meetings, continue to visit this site. To receive notifications of upcoming meetings, send a blank email message to:
To contact the group’s leaders, send your message to; we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Donate to BNUG: Click to donate – Thank you!

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This is a temporary group info page while the DreamHost presence is being updated. It is maintained by Steve Isenberg, who is solely responsible for its content and any of its poor humor. Comments to steve at bnug dot org; suggestions and corrections encouraged.
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