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Chat messages from the April 22, 2020 meeting

10:06:15	 From Harry Forsdick :
10:07:21	 From Bob Primak : Links posted inChat can be clicked directly, and will open in a browser.
10:09:10	 From Bob Primak : The one downside to encrypting files before uploading, is that sharing with others becomes more difficult.
10:10:51	 From Steve Isenberg : Difficult because not only do they need the file, they need (a) the password and (b) the software to decrypt the contents.
10:11:06	 From Sam : does Microsoft office 365 have a setting to auto encrypt all files?
10:13:10	 From Bob Eckert : Have used Axcrypt for years; integrates with Winows OS
10:14:50	 From Bob Primak : I use 7-Zip in Windows, and the Linux equivalent, which we call Peazip.
10:17:01	 From Bob Primak : Veracrypt continues an open-source project which mysteriously shut down when the US Government got on their case.
10:18:52	 From Bob Primak : Some of these are services which don't use a local program. Teh ones I use are local programs or portable apps.
10:19:38	 From Bob Primak : Encryption will introduce a bit of a delay, but it's not a big problem unless compression is also used.
10:21:29	 From Bob Primak : Bleachbit is a classic Linux application. It is said to be less than optimal for Windows, but it was used famously by Hilalry Clinton's server.
10:22:03	 From Bob Primak : DuckDuckGo uses Microsoft for their search engine. This means there is possibly some tracking.
10:24:32	 From Bob Primak : DropBox limits free storage, but the paid version is well worth it, according to many folks.
10:25:32	 From Bob Primak : iTunes for Windows uses the Apple Bonjouir Service. That Service is a memory hog. It also is a security nightmare.
10:26:18	 From Bob Primak : Windows Defender will whitelist a lot of common applications.
10:27:00	 From Bob Primak : But if you have Folder Access restrictions (Windows Defender anti-ransomware) you may have to allow specific system changes.
10:28:26	 From Bob Primak : I use Privacy Badger alongside Ghostery. You may have to suspend either or both for some sites.
10:28:59	 From Bob Primak : Agent Ransack is a well-respected local search agent.
10:30:07	 From Bob Primak : Malwarebytes also owns AdwCleaner, which focuses on adware and browser hijackers.
10:30:49	 From Bob Primak : Aomei is misspelled.
10:31:58	 From Bob Eckert : For Samsung SSD cloning use Samsung cloning software
10:32:05	 From Bob Primak : AskWoody now deals with Windows, Apple, and Chromebooks. A bit on Linux once in awhile.
10:33:03	 From Bob Primak : The support level amount for AskWoody is entirely up to user choice.
10:34:08	 From Bob Primak : Cloning is a special case for backup software. For Linux i use Clonezilla, but it is Command-Line and USB Boot.
10:40:58	 From Steve Isenberg : [for info on upcoming meetings and links to info on earlier presentations:]
10:41:22	 From Steve Isenberg : That’s the link to a list of past presentations, videos of many, and slides from many, and more info.
10:45:35	 From Bob Primak : SSD will improve some parts of the system but will not improve things where there are other bottlenecks. Especially slow RAM and Internet/local network I/O.
10:46:33	 From Jerome Slate : I was told by my tech guy that Western Digital is dropping the mechanical hard drive and going to solely SSD.
10:47:00	 From Bob Primak : USB-C charging also works with iPhones (Thunderbolt).
10:47:58	 From Bob Primak : Jerry, I wouldn't be surprised at the WD decision. Samsung has been mostly SSD for a long time.
10:48:08	 From Mitch Wolfe : Was it UL approved?
10:49:32	 From Bob Primak : Surge suppression and those feedback issues vary a lot from one power strip to another. Also, power strips have cord wires with ratings like 12, 14, 16, etc.
10:50:19	 From Jerome Slate : The smoke detector goes off only AFTER the fire has started. Prevention is more important than extinction.
10:51:08	 From Bob Primak : "Wall warts" should not be left plugged in even when nothing is charging. Charging should not be allowed to go overnight for the protection of the device battery.
10:52:21	 From Mike A : Charlie  -- You used to have bad things to say about SSD reliability/longevity.  Do you have an update?
10:52:36	 From Bob Primak : Many small mobile devices only have one or two USB-C or Thunderbolt ports. I use a hub with my Chromebook. In fact, a large, plug-in hub for home and a small mini-dock for mobile use.
10:52:57	 From Steve Isenberg : Jerry — there are two types of smoke detectors, one sounds when the fire starts, the other sounds before the fire gets fully going
10:53:31	 From Bob Primak : Steve -- still, prevention is better than extinguishing after the fact.
10:53:55	 From Charles H Holbrow : And one starts when my granddaughter lights a candle in her room.
10:55:03	 From Bob Primak : A stylus is good,a nd so is a track pad, like my touch-screen Chromebook has.
10:55:29	 From Bob Primak : I have a Chromecast and a Windows dongle for WiDi to my HDTV at home.
10:56:27	 From Bob Primak : WiDi from other vendors than Microsoft can be ahd for much less money.
10:57:10	 From Bob Eckert : Acquired a USB-C / HDMI adapter from Amazon for my Dell XPS-13 Windows 10 laptop to UHDTV.  Inexpensive and works fine.
10:57:58	 From Bob Primak : WiDi has the advantage of being wireless. But I prefer using cables.
10:59:27	 From Bob Primak : Printing from many tablets can be done wirelessly.I use this ption with my printer with Windows, Chrome OS and 2 Linux distros.
10:59:43	 From Mitch Wolfe : There's many flavors of USB. I've bought a lot of different dongles for MACs and Windows machine for video, network, printers, etc. They are cheap over the Internet. Wireless is an amazing alternative if feasible.
11:00:27	 From Bob Primak : Chromecast works with pretty much any device which can install the Google Chrome Browser. I've used that option with Linux and Windows.
11:01:20	 From Bob Primak : Microsoft Surface has had well-publicized hardware and drive issues.
11:01:28	 From Bob Primak : Driver
11:03:23	 From Bob Primak : My hubs have charging while ports are used for connectivity. So you don't need to have more ports on the device.
11:04:06	 From Bob Primak : Chromebooks go dead after five years unless yuo physically remove the write-protect screw (inside the case) and then substitute the firmware with something else.
11:04:58	 From Bob Primak : As a Linux person, I love older PCs and netbooks.
11:07:15	 From Mitch Wolfe : Other than high end, newer machines based upon mature technology is cheap and you can buy several. I have a $300 WIndows netbook that I use for travel. It doesn't have anything much on it and if it breaks, throw it out.
11:08:20	 From Mitch Wolfe : Multiple USB ports on older hardware allow for interchangeable peripherals like external CD drives.
11:12:37	 From Mitch Wolfe : Costco bundles keyboards, pens, discounts, etc. with Microsoft Surfaces. We haven't had any significant issues with somewhat vanilla usage.
11:15:55	 From Mitch Wolfe : Europe is pushing standards for chargers to reduce all the adaptors.
11:17:02	 From Jerome Slate : How does a power strip help with over-heating?
11:19:02	 From Larry Wittig : Some (maybe more expensive) laptops come with a range of ports. My wife has  an Del l XSP with USB-C with  all the ports. It was purchase within the last year.
11:19:22	 From Mitch Wolfe : I used youtube to replace the drive belt on my 40 year old dryer.
11:19:36	 From Mitch Wolfe : YouTube is also good for plumbing tasks.
11:19:49	 From Jerome Slate : There are two universes.  The one we live in and an equal one on YouTube.
11:20:05	 From Mitch Wolfe : Does the Lexington community repair shop fix these things?
11:20:37	 From Mitch Wolfe : How about hair cuts?
11:21:31	 From Mitch Wolfe : Xerox may buy HP.
11:27:20	 From Mitch Wolfe : I have old habits. The laptops are generally plugged into the wall like desktops. Old dead batteries have minimal impact for this kind of usage. Many people work this way.
11:28:15	 From Bob Primak : Old dead batteries if possible should be taken out of the laptop. They can become dangerous if lef in the laptop when plugged in all the time.
11:30:18	 From Bob Primak : The problem with SSDs and SMART data is that SSDs fail suddenly, with little or no warning. It isn't like mechanical hard drives, which usually fail more gradually.
11:30:56	 From Bob Primak : A good backup is essential for SSD based machines.
11:31:44	 From Bob Primak : I'm "trilingual" -- Chrome OS, Windows 10 and Linux.
11:33:21	 From Dick Wagner : I have  a hunch that Macs are more useful for people who do a lot of video work; e.g., movie makers.
11:33:28	 From Bob Primak : My Chromebook with Fedora Linux does much the same Workspace tricks as a Mac can do.
11:34:57	 From Mitch Wolfe : Pepsi and coke. I have Android and my wife has iPhone.
11:35:02	 From Bob Primak : Apple's closed ecosystem has put me off. That and the price of hardware. Apple could be compared with the Microsoft Surface.
11:35:45	 From William Quinn : I agree with Bob.
11:36:00	 From Steve Isenberg : Agree with your comparison from a price standpoint.  But I think the fact that Mac OS X is based on BSD Unix is a big plus.  (FYI, I bought my MacBook refurbished.)
11:36:40	 From Kenneth Cutter : I like my Nest smoke detector, It gives a gentle audio warning so that you can disable the full blaring alarm before it blasts.
11:37:04	 From Charles H Holbrow : At least for my MacBookPro I think its high price is compensated by its high quality and longevity
11:37:14	 From Bob Primak : I think I would want a smoke detector to be as loud as possible from the outset.
11:37:42	 From Kenneth Cutter : You don't cook?
11:37:53	 From Steve Isenberg : I agree w/Charles.  I also have a 10-year-old iMac that’s running like new. (I did replace its HD with SSD)
11:37:55	 From Mitch Wolfe : Make sure that vents and the fan are operational.
11:38:21	 From Bob Primak : Yeah, and even so, it's good to have the smake alarm wake me up if I've been napping.
11:38:34	 From Bob Primak : That's aboutcooking and smake detectors.
11:38:51	 From Mitch Wolfe : Vacuum the dust from the refrigerator coils and other hardware.
11:39:09	 From Charles H Holbrow : The smoke alarm tells you that dinner is ready.
11:39:16	 From Bob Primak : LOL
11:39:54	 From Kenneth Cutter : What's up for next week?
11:40:17	 From Mitch Wolfe : Make sure buy UL approved equipment. Stuff that isn't is cheap but more potentially dangerous.
11:40:21	 From Bob Primak : House wiring does not always have good characteristics when it comes to slight overloads. Breakers don't just pop from slight, long-term overloads.
11:42:02	 From Steve Isenberg : Next week’s program is described on, and it’s “The Science Behind Columbus”
11:42:13	 From Larry Wittig : I switched from Libre Office to Free Office by Softmaker and found it much better.
11:43:13	 From Mitch Wolfe : Stay with vendors that you have had successful interactions...
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