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Cloud Storage Options

Current as of 12/17/2019, info compiled by smi.
I'm always looking to add more storage options, comments on any of these, and help expanding this info

Why Use Cloud Storage?

  • Back up files off-site
  • Access files from multiple devices (all of your PCs, Macs, phones, tablets)
  • Share files with trusted humans (e.g., spouse, heirs)

What Is Cloud Storage?

  • Disk space stored on the Internet and accessed via your connection to the Internet
  • Provided by several companies
  • Usually some space is offered for free and if you need more space there is a cost
  • The space (and its files) are protected by your login credentials
  • Some providers offer file encryption

details - enterprise storage forum

Is the Cloud Secure?

What Constitutes Data Security

  • Passwords. Can be hacked; so choose a password hard to hack with dictionary attacks, change it often to reduce exposure to brute force attacks
  • Data can be captured en-route.
    • Most storage services encrypt data while it's traveling back and forth
    • Look for “https” in the browser, means “secure http”
  • Don't give your password to anyone
    • Except your heirs
    • Not someone claiming to be from technical support, real tech support won't need password
  • Most hackers want best bang-for-the-buck; so use provider with good history of keeping data secure
  • Your data is not immune to search and seizure by local government entities (e.g., subpoena)

Safe Cloud Storage Options

  • Consider what you plan to store and how you need to access it
  • Consider how important it is to keep that information secure (medical history & home finances vs music files)
  • Safety features
    • Company with reputation for physical and network security
    • Multiple level redundancy (multiple copies of data prevent SPOF)
    • Redundancy across geographic locations (multiple locations prevent SPOF from nature)

details - how stuff works
SPOF: Single Point of Failure

Best Practices

  • Use hardcore passwords
    • KISS is bad, complex is good (KICS?)
    • Consider using a password manager to generate and store complex passwords. Which will be safer and harder to guess: cgKZdxUhh4Bq (entropy 66.79) or Th1$C0mpu73rGr0up (entropy 24.17)
    • Use unique passwords for data in the cloud
    • Consider storing the first part of the password in a password manager and adding a set string when you enter it.
  • Use two factor authentication if possible
  • Backup files in different cloud accounts (don't put important data in just one place)
    • Best if you can store files offline as well as online/cloud (immediately puts data in two places)
  • Practice smart browsing (if you're accessing the cloud – files, email, etc – remember to log out and never save password to browser)

details - malwarebytes

Selected Cloud Storage Options

Here are some, do you know of others?
Do you have good or bad experiences with these?

Provider free under $2/mo under $3/momore space optionsnotes
Dropbox 5GB 2TB($119.88/yr
or $11.99/mo)
3TB and larger options available for added $
iCloud 5GB50GB($0.99/mo) 200GB($2.99/mo) 2TB($9.99/mo)
Can share storage with your family
also can manage iPhone contacts etc
pCloud 5-10GB 500GB($4.99/mo
or $47.88/yr
or $175 lifetime)
or $95.88/yr
or $350 lifetime)
offer annual or one-payment-for-lifetime options
offer family sharing option for extra $
Crypto option available to automatically encrypt files on the cloud
Starts at 5GB free. Invite friends and get 1GB for each invite (to max 10GB),
with chance to win 500GB for a lifetime.
OneDrive 5GB100GB($1.99/mo)
Office 365 options for more storage and more $$
5GB and 100GB plans can secure up to 3 files
Google Drive 15GB 100GB($1.99/mo
or $19.99/yr)
or $29.99/yr)
or $99.99/yr)
For gmail messages and files
larger capacities available
iDrive 5GB 2TB($52.12 first year)
Mega 15GB50GB free but 400GB($5.56/mo)
Base is 15GB, free goes to 50GB
“Free” is subject to Achievements and is time limited 180 days or less;
must do more achievements or buy a plan to use storage after time limit
achievements include install app and invite friends
Box 10GB
feature comparison is overly complex and hard to follow
MediaFire 10GB 1TB($45/yr)
advertisement supported
Doesn't appear to offer PC etc integrations

2FA: Two Factor Authentication, id and password and code texted to phone.
reference 1


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