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Downloading Videos

We will mention three options and go into detail on one.

  1. Any Video Converter. Download and convert videos to many formats you choose by device. Can combine multiple videos into one.
  2. Audials. Software lets you listen to Internet music for free. Paid version lets you set up downloads of music and videos. (I have downloaded – for free – literally thousands of music pieces.)
  3. Downloaders for PC, Android, and iPhone devices (info and links follow)

Example of a Video Downloader

In preparation for showing [videos for 1/16/2019 meeting], I investigated software to download and save videos to one's computer, giving one the ability to play them at times when lacking an internet connection. This may be useful for one's entertainment when traveling, for example.
The article referenced (A.) points out that downloading videos may violate copyrights on the content, so you should regard downloaded videos as for personal use only.


Google lists a number of sites that have reviews of downloading software, such as this one: at

Within this review, for Windows computers, I selected “4kDownloader” as a free offering, and appearing to be easy to use. The reviewer's bullet points are:

  • The simplest software I have ever seen, allows you to concentrate on downloading.
  • A smart mode lets users download videos with just one click. (refer to the tutorial, item 7, below)
  • Supports downloading videos in multi-thread.
  • Supports downloading YouTube videos as MP4, MKV, MP3, M4A & OGG etc.

1) The installer file is available to download to your computer at
The Windows 64-bit version comes forward as the default, but Windows 32-bit, or versions for Mac OS 10.11 (or later), or Ubuntu Linux are also available).

2) Click on “Download” to save the installer file to your computer (and take note of the folder it saves into (or for more confident users, you have the option to browse to the folder you want it to be in)).
Open this .msi file (i.e. run it) The Windows Install Wizard will manage the installation for you.
(The Wizard is covered step-by-step in the Tutorial, item 7).

4kDownloader copies videos, channels, playlists, and audio from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. You will use the Windows Clipboard to Copy and Paste the YouTube (or other video) link (URL address) into 4kdownloader.

3) I assume you have the desired YouTube link in an email received, or other list you already have open on your computer. Copy the link to the Clipboard: Select (highlight) the link by dragging across it with your mouse, right-click your mouse on top of the link, and select “Copy” from the drop-down list. (It is possible you will need to do this after step 4; move or temporarily minimize application windows as needed to see what you need to access).

4) Open the installed 4kdownload program. Arrgh, it likely pops open your browser to the 4kdownload web page to urge you to buy the three-computer license and/or format conversion utilities! You don't have to - the basic program is free! To get the 4kdownloader program topside again, find its Icon in the Windows System Tray - it's a fuzzy green wreath shape - and click on it.

5) Place your mouse pointer on the green “+” button at the upper left corner of the 4kdownload window.
If the Windows Clipboard contains a valid link, a small red rectangle appears on top of the green “+”; if not, repeat step 3.
Left click (an implied “Paste”) on the green “+”. This triggers the downloading process.
The program will indicate “Parsing,” and then present a new window with choice of resolution and file format (default “high quality” and “MP4” are good choices, compatible with Windows and Apple devices).

Nit-picking - you can set the resolution to exactly match the display resolution of the display device you will use to play the video, if you want the cleanest presentation. If you pick too high a resolution (greater than the source) the program says “can't download.”
File size is typically about 3-4 MB per minute of length, at medium-high resolution, not a disk eater at all.

6) The program displays a list of the videos it has stored for you as banners.
To play a video, select it by a left-mouse-click. Then left-click on the vertical-three-dot symbol at lower right side of the video banner you have selected, and select “Play” from the drop-down menu that appears. The program opens your default Media Player automatically.

7) All of these instructions are covered in a tutorial video at:
Note: Javascript must be enabled on your computer to access this video.
(A few details about the appearance of the program's pages are slightly different from the current version of the program).


Video downloaders for Android devices are reviewed at


Video downloaders for Apple iPhones are reviewed at: 2019 Best 10 Free Video Downloader Apps for iPhone

compiled by Gary Patrick, January 16, 2019.

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