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Free eBooks

There are many places you can find eBooks on the Internet.
Here are a few, and this page is aimed for Kindle (application or device).
Note that some books are free to read on Amazon, but only if you have Kindle Unlimited (beware).

Some of these from

Service URL Notes Types
BookBub You choose book categories you like (e.g., Mystery, Romance) and give them your email address, you get daily emails with suggestions of books. Some are pay and some are free.
Note that the “free” may be today only (it's a limited time deal).
Sample email
Kindle, Nook, iBook, more
Lexington Library
(Overdrive) Books are free to read but you have limited time (3 weeks) to read them. (Can you get more time?)
How to use
1. Search for the book
2. Choose “Ebook” format
3. Check out with OverDrive or Place Hold with OverDrive
sample search results
Checkout and Install on Kindle
Return the book
Kindle, maybe more
IfItBreaks Free Science Fiction books for Kindle Kindle
Project Gutenberg Books in the public domain (i.e., published in 1923 (starting in 2019) or earlier) epub, Kindle, pdf, plain text
Open Culture 800 ebooks, plus audio books, movies, online courses, more. Kindle
Fussy Librarian Get email telling about free ebooks by genre and frequency you choose.
sample email
varies: Kindle, Nook, iBook, Kobo
Free-eBooks You get 5 eBooks in PDF format per month for free. Cost is $8/month or $25/lifetime for no limits and Kindle etc formats.
IMHO not worth it – unless you're ok with 5 books/month and pdf format.
Library Genesis engine, search for a particular bookPDF, EPUB, MOBI, DOC, etc
Centsless Books books on Amazon for Kindle; some are in Kindle Unlimited
there is a MWF newsletter
ManyBooks of Proj GutenbergEPUB, MOBI, PDF and Flesh-Kincaid score (reading ease)
Feedbooks & nonfiction, free and paidEPUB, MOBI, PDF; word counts & reading time estimates
PDFBooksWorld classicsPDF only

Different Ebook Formats Explained
The 7 Best Ebook Readers for Android

Buying these free books on Amazon

Make sure that the book/listing says “Kindle Price: 0.00”.
Select your Kindle device under “Deliver to”
Then click “Buy now with 1-Click”.
screen shot

Getting a Kindle Paperwhite

This found 26jun2018. Amazon selling Kindle Paperwhite for $89.99 now.
Combine with MR deal for an additional $40 off – Amex Membership Rewards Cardholders can benefit (link to page with info​)
not sure how long this will last!

Found on 10july2018. Amazon selling Kindle Paperwhite, refurb, for $69.99, to Prime members only. Option of paying $14/month for 5 months. Black, white

IMHO it's nice to get Kindle Paperwhite with “special offers”. The offers appear as a screen-saver type screen and sometimes they are decent offers. An offer only appears when you first wake the device up, and you can get past the offer by swiping across the screen to get to your book(s).

I use the Omotion Kindle Paperwhite Case Cover to protect my Paperwhite. Cost is $14.99 and it's very thin and protective, I've had it since 12/2016 and it's working fine. Comes in a variety of colors, I have Black. (There are other similar cases as low as $9.99)


See for details and a more complete table.

Format Device(s)
Kindle Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle readers; Kindle app on PC, Macintosh, Android, etc
ePub Kobo, iBooks on Macintosh and iOS devices, Nook, and more. Must be converted for use on Kindle; see to learn how.
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