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Pictures from the the Charles H. Holbrow Memorial Service May 3, 2024

Photos by Steve & Evie Isenberg. This page may appear better if you use a browser other than Firefox like Chrome or Safari.

Charlie was very active in the Lexington Computer and Technology Group, LCTG. This page lists the group's past and future meetings; Charlie's 19 presentations are linked from the page.
To search for them, first click on To keep this page manageable and then search for 'Holbrow'

Click on a picture to see it enlarged.
Download a high-resolution copy of any picture: (1) Right-click on the picture; (2) Copy Link; (3) Open new browser (or tab), Paste URL and open the page. (4) Then right-click on the image and save-link-as.

Please let me (Steve) know if you have any comments or suggestions. Let me know if you don't want your picture to be included here for any reason.

We hope you enjoy viewing the pictures and the joy that Charlie spread to us.

Pictures copyright ©2024 True Images Productions Questions?

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