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Info for submission 3/5/2021

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Project typeFilm/video
Project titleLexington Remembers World War II
Brief SynopsisThis is a sampler from three episodes in a series of interviews with Lexington MA WWII veterans and home-front individuals who discuss their moving and emotional experiences, the effects WWII has had on them then and now, and how they survived to this day to tell their tales. The series was created to recognize and memorialize the 75th anniversary of the ending of WWII.
Submitter 781-258-7741 9 Ross Rd Lexington MA 02421 birth date 11/1/1948 (not my real birthdate) Male
CreditsSteve Isenberg
Programs produced include: “What do you want to be when you grow up” series; Lexington Computer and Technology Group program series; Mass Bay Community College promotions; “What's Cooking?” cooking series

Ashley Rooney
Produced videos for youth and parents; author of 65+ books
SpecificationsDocumentary, Feature, Television, Web/New Media
Runtime 0h 15m 12s
Completion date 12/7/2020 (it's approximate)
Digital 16:9 Color
not student, not first time filmmaker (or am I?)

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FYI, they say Your Project Page address on FilmFreeway is:

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Other info that I sent you(Florence) regarding the bottom of the Submission Form.

Project submitterCan be me, or should it be you? If me: Steven M Isenberg [no period after M]
email & Phone of submitteragain, can be me or you. If me: Steven M Isenberg 781-258-7741
Email of person being
Project TitleLexington Remembers WWII - 75 Years After
Name of organizationprobably LexMedia
First/Last namesSteven M Isenberg [no period after M], (if 2nd name, add:) Ashley Rooney

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