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Process for sending weekly meeting announcement reminders

By Jonathan Goode
August 1, 2019
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John Rudy asked me to share how I generate the meeting reminders.

The general procedure is as follows:

1. Using an email address that Yahoo recognizes as yours, find the previous week's notice and select Forward.

2. Without filling in the recipient's addresses, edit the body of last week's reminder to delete the description of the previous meeting and incorporate into the meeting list any updates that you have learned about regarding upcoming meetings.

3. Use the description of the next meeting to update both the meeting reminder headline AND the message subject line. The description in my notices appears three times (headline, subject line, and the first meeting on the meeting list), more or less like Yahoo used to do automatically.

4. Copy and then delete the old set of addresses at the top of the forwarded email and remove stray blank lines.

5. If it looks OK, then add the copied addresses to the addressee line and Send.


A. is the main address; Yahoo will not use it if it is coming from an address that it does not recognize. Also, Yahoo will not send a copy to the sender.

B. I add a “CG extension” list that includes my sending address and some other of my addresses so that I can see how the message looks in gmail, Comcast, and Verizon. Also in my list are people who have requested to receive our meeting notices. You can see all the addresses by looking at any meeting reminder. You may wish to add one or more of your personal email addresses.

C. I try to do the Big Update to the message body on Sunday night, followed by additional sends on Monday and Tuesday. I always hope that the Sunday night Send will be reviewed so that any needed corrections can be reflected in the Monday and Tuesday messages.

D. Getting the text size, color, and weight to be uniform is not always straightforward in gmail, especially if you paste from some other source. Selecting the non-uniform text and turning on and off the controls for font, size, bold, and color seems to work, eventually, but not necessarily for all recipient addresses.

I'll be happy to answer any questions.

Jonathan Goode
Sender of Meeting Reminders

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