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Climate Change Second Presentation

Background: 8/26 presentation by Shelly Lowenthal on Climate Change prompted much discussion. Some feel a second presentation is merited.

Following Sent 9/7/2020 10:50pm by Carl Lazarus to John Rudy, Peter Albin, John Brown, and smi.

I propose the following:

1. A few minutes of Peter Hadfield’s introduction to himself and his approach to debunking false claims.

2. Climate Change – the scientific debate (10 min 42 sec)

3. Climate Change – the objections (10 min 19 sec)

4. Climate Change – the anatomy of a myth (7 min 28 sec)

5. Climate Change – isn’t it natural? (10 min 59 sec)

6. One or possibly two more of similar length. I’m trying to determine the best one(s). (There are many. There is some overlap of material, and some are mostly responding to arguments of specific people.)

I see the note that Shelley is a member, which I had not realized. I will certainly try to be respectful, and will not pitch this as a counter to his presentation. He will at least appreciate the places where it disagrees with something Al Gore said.

By the way, from Wednesday Sept. 16 through Wednesday Nov. 18 I will have a conflict starting at 11am, so during those weeks I can give this presentation, but must sign off by 11am. That should be enough time if we get started reasonably on time. I have experience showing YouTube videos on Zoom so I should not be a source of lost time.

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