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Suggestions (oldest first)

How to build your own time machine using inexpensive parts available in most hardware stores

(Now, for the serious topic suggestions!)


Office 365

you buy a New Windows Computer, and you usually get a 1 month of FREE Office 365 use

Since this is a SAAS (Software as a Service), how different is Office 365 to Office 2010, '13, '16, '19 version. Any setup change to your Windows Computer? Where are your Files? Can you access your work files both Online, Offline? How complicated to Find your File(s), Search for Files, etc

Since Office 365 is a Subscription Cost, and both John and George have found issues, is there a preference for using Office 365 vs Office 2007 ,, 2019 (Local, pay once {implied Perpetual License} )

Need survey Meeting Participants, vs Open Software, Chromebook Google Suites, Apple Pages, Numbers, Keynote

and all about the more recent innovations Synching, Deploying Documents with both Desktop and Mobile Computers

What's available that's FREE even if have limited capability

Although Document work is still there, what's different? Printing Local vs Cloud based?


The technology of baseball analytics

Jerry Slate

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