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Lexington Notes

A collection of info I've collected that I might need to access at a later time.

Join the Lexington List

How to join the list that's managed by Harry Forsdick.

Here are the standard instructions for joining the Lexington List.

  • To join the Lexington List, please go to:
  • which has three steps:
    1. Read about the Lexington List
    2. Complete your application to subscribe to this email list
    3. Complete a questionnaire which establishes that you live or work in Lexington

Fabric Recycling

20190501, From Sean Dugan|Public Information Officer, Town of Lexington, (direct) 781-698-4548

Curbside textile recycling is coming to Lexington, providing a convenient option for residents to keep clothing, shoes, etc., out of the waste stream and ultimately out of landfills. The Town has partnered with a company called Simple Recycling to provide this service at no cost to taxpayers.

Beginning May 13 [2019], Lexington will add this new option to your curbside recycling:

During the week of May 6, you'll receive special pink bags from Simple Recycling. Fill them with any clothing, other cloth items or shoes you want to get rid of. Put them out next to your recycling bin on your pickup day. Simple Recycling will pick them up.

View Simple Recycling’s Frequently Asked Questions, including what items are accepted.
Visit Simple Recycling’s website to request bags or notify them of a missed pickup.
For questions about this program, contact Simple Recycling at (866) 835-5068.

It's July 2019, and apparently this is no longer in operation.

I put out pink bag with clothing last month (June 2019) and it was not picked up. Lexington eMail list discussion shows that most people putting out pink bags found they were not picked up.


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