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Raised garden issues, for Paul

These show some issues with the raised garden. The raised garden was installed initially in April and finished on Tuesday May 9, 2023. These issues are being identified on Friday May 12, 2023.

  • The bottom is bowing under the weight of the soil.
    • it needs some support to prevent the bowing
    • the bowing will increase after watering or after rain as the weight of the soil will increase
  • The bottom is starting to come apart from the rest of the structure.
    • it needs more support than screws to the sides
  • The raised garden is leaning to the side.
    • Without support to prevent the leaning, it will fall over.
    • I have tried to support the leaning using existing wood
      • but the wood straps are not strong enough to provide the support
      • as the wood straps split when screws are added

While we like the idea of using the posts as support, we feel that this leads to structure issues. We feel that by using cinder blocks under the 4 corners, centered under the 8' sides, and under the bottom, similar to what we did on our existing raised garden, would make the structure more solid. It would provide solid support to the structure and prevent leaning.

These pictures show the state of things as of 8am Friday May 12, before it rained this morning.
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