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Q4OS Notes

Some notes from my installation and use of the Linux Q4OS Distribution.

Network setup

Error is: ping connect: Network is unreachable

  1. Click on the network manager icon in system tray → 'New connection'
  2. Select current device (e.g., wlp1s0) or 'Wireless Connection'
  3. A list of available networks comes up. Select your network → click Next
  4. Enter your 'Shared key/Password'
  5. Click Next. Click Next.
  6. check 'Autoconnect' → click 'Connect & Save'
inxi -NnTells about your network devices; mfgr, model, driver, interface name, state, MAC
inxi -FnxTells about all of the system's devices, quite interesting
lspci | grep NetworkYour network controller. See also inxi -Nn
ip ashow all network devices and their status
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