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Sending large files

You have a file that's too large to send via email, maybe it's several GB in size. How can you send this, hopefully free?

File sending resources

NameSiteFreePaidTransfer expirationNotes
Transfer Now 100GB $10/mo7 days
Transfer XL 100GB $9.99/mo1 week
We Transfer $10/mo7 days
Send Transfer onlymax 10 days
Send Big (PRO, free)free only1-30 daysneed to get free PRO else 5GB
Email Large File$4.95/mo files <2GB
$9.95/mo files<4GB
My Air Bridge<20GB, maybe 2GB unclearfiles<50GB €2.592-3 days
Transfer Big Files yes MB“Awesome” 20GB/file $8/mo5 days
Send Over 1TB yes TB7 days
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