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Shopping and Take out and Delivery Considerations

[from Sharon Fray-Witzer] Here's what this LA Times article suggests:

Choose contactless delivery and opt out of utensils. After your delivery carrier has walked away, leave the outermost delivery bag on the doorstep (to throw away) if applicable, and carry just the containers inside to put on your counter. Wash your hands and transfer the food from the containers to your own dishware. Wash your hands well again and eat with your own utensils. When you’re done, recycle or discard packaging, wash your dishes and wipe down your table and counters.

To practice social distancing while getting takeout or curbside pickup, pay by credit card online or by phone beforehand if that’s an option. If not, use contactless phone payments or have the right wad of cash ready. Our science reporter Amina Khan recommended, “To maintain a six-foot distance from other people, let the server put the item down and take three big steps away before you go in and grab it. Avoid direct handoffs.” Do the same with payment if needed. Once your food is home, follow the steps above.

[YouTube Instructions]
PSA Safe Grocery Shopping by Dr Jeffrey VanWingen
How to Grocery Shop Safely

[Nourishable advice]from this video

  1. Make a plan (plan out meals in advance to determine what to buy)
  2. Write your shopping list on a piece of paper (not your phone–else it'll get contaminated)
  3. Practice good hygiene and physical distancing (wipe the cart; don't touch face; keep 6 feet distance)
  4. Stock up but don't hoard (shop for 2 weeks) – buy what you will use but not more
  5. Commit to what you touch.
  6. Be considerate and gracious – especially with market workers. Smile and say thank you.
  7. Clean items when you get home. Disinfect nonporous; wash soap and water 20seconds then rinse (See PSA above).

Food Options


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