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Upward Bound Videos

These come from Getting Into Space series of 17 videos
Note, may want to use captions as speaker has slight speech impediment.

–>Getting Into Space March 2, 2017 means of; overview of the following episodes 21.36
–>Space Elevators March 9, 2017SE & towers; fiber; placement; breakage30:29
Quantum Computers March 16, 2017 theory to applications 21:37
Skyhooks March 23, 2017 and rotovators, lift things to space 28:35
Life Support March 30, 2017how to survive in space 30:50
Nuclear Option May 4, 2017for powering spacecraft 28:13
Launch Loops June 1, 2017launch assist mechanism 22:48
Space Towers June 14, 2017as means of launching spaceships 24:01
Life Extension tech challenges and solutions 26:35
Power Satellites transmitting power from space30:15


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