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WWII Project Materials

Official WWII Lexington MA website Produced and maintained by Harry Forsdick and Marsha Baker

Published programs

for Hometown Awards - consider

  • Wilda Ward (the proposal)
  • Christel McCarthy (after the bombing of her parents home)
  • Jim Silva (the plane)
  • Charles Ketcham - (not killing the German

Other stuff


To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII, 
a committee was formed to honor those that served.

Lexington Remembers is a program started by a high school teacher 
and long time Lexington resident Mary Gillespie in 1993 
(on the 50th Anniversary of WWII) and it has been
continued by Francine and Bob Edwards since 2006.

We are now adding to the existing list of 50+ recordings 
in the Lexington Remembers collection and identifying 
prospective Lexingtonians to be interviewed and recorded. 

Our initial focus is to identify and interview
surviving Lexington’s WWII veterans. 
Some lived here and went into service, while others moved to
Lexington after the war.

These videos are their stories.


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