July 24, 2019 Codes

Secret CodeBreakers22m
Breaking the WWII Enigma (on Cortland)1h36m

July 17, 2019 Potpourri

Virtual Credit Cards (in Movies holding cell) - steve isenbergest 15 min
Upward Bound Videos – Space Elevators32 min
Q&A and Your Funnest Apps
matter to Mind - David Kahan – From Scientific American [July 2019 issue]
(for future presentations)
Upward Bound Videos – Getting into space22 min
Flatland use 1st in list to give overview of concept then discuss6 min
Neil deGrasse Tyson on whether the universe has a purpose link2 min
Apollo 11 launch 7/20/1969 50 year anniversary - sharing experiences (George Gamota leads)30 min


Face Apptake picture, change your gender etc
dB MeterMeasures loudness on your smart device
Spectrum Analyzer
Sky View
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