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harvesting spaghetti 2:30smi>videos>LCTG Warehouse SHOWN 9/16
TED: The Skill of Humor 19:30smi>videos>LCTG Warehouse
Building the perfec squirrel proof bird feeder21:40smi>videos>LCTG Warehouse
TED-Ed - Flatland4:56smi>videos>LCTG Warehouselast 30sec white screen music
How to Time Travel (wormholes)4:08smi>videos>LCTG Warehouse
Artificial intelligence & algorithms: pros & cons 42:25

another flatland approach

4th Dimension - Tesseract - Carl Sagan9:30smi>videos>LCTG Warehouseabrupt end

Need more investigation

What makes things funny 12:30downloadedeh

Presented already

A virus walks into a bar3:00smi>videos>LCTG Warehouse
How Deepfakes Work10minsmi>videos>LCTG Warehouse
The Rise of Artificial Intelligence Documentary HD 51:268/12/2020
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